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The DEMRE is the technical department of the University of Chile, responsible for the development and construction of assessment instruments and measurement of high school graduates’ capabilities and skills; the implementation of these instruments and performing an inter college selection nationally objectively, mechanized, and informed public. In turn, it is the agency responsible for administering the system of selection for higher education.

What do we do?

This department, reporting to the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs at the University of Chile, administers the selection process for admission to the 27 universities that make up the Council of Rectors and 11 universities attached to the process. The DEMRE and its predecessors participated in the creation and administration of the Scholastic Aptitude Test (PAA), and since 2003, is responsible for the University Selection Test (PSU).

University Admission Test (in Spanish: Prueba de Selección Universitaria - PSU)

The PSU is a battery of four standardized multiple-choice tests designed to assess academic readiness for college and used to select applicants to universities in Chile.

Four tests make up the PSU: a) Language and Communication, b) Mathematics, c) History, Geography, and Social Sciences, and d) Science (i.e., Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Professional Technical Skills). The Language and Communication test and the Mathematics test are mandatory. The other tests are considered optional; however, at least one of them should be selected as part of the admission criteria for any undergraduate degree program. The importance of each test for any degree program varies between universities depending on their own admission requirements.

General characteristics

The PSU has been developed to reflect the high school curriculum and closely approximates the skills needed for academic success at the university level. Since 2014, the PSU takes into account the Fundamental Objectives and Mandatory Minimum Contents (in Spanish: Contenidos Mínimos Obligatorios - CMO), which describe the knowledge and skills that students should be able to demonstrate in high school. There are certain CMOs not included in the PSU because they relate to the development of more complex skills that are difficult to measure using standardized assessments, such as the ability to work in group projects, computing management, and conducting experiments, among other skills.